having a blast

The Flying Cheeseburger

In August 2022 I went to the Baxter Cycle Annual Open House thing in Marne, Iowa with my dad. Richter Machining put on minibike races on the baseball field and it looked like a hoot. I was eyeing my own minibike build in short order.

I searched the web and came across a few methods of getting started with minibikes. The most attractive option to me was a minibike kit from Go Power Sports out of Fort Worth, Texas.

The kit was great. It came with pretty much everything needed to create a complete roller. Once assembled, all you need is an engine and some exhaust.

I opted for the Predator 212cc engine and the Stage 1 Performance Kit and exhaust from Go Power Sports.

It’s such a hoot to ride. It goes at speeds it really shouldn’t. No wheelbase this short has any business going 30 mph, but it sure is fun.

I finished it off with a paint scheme inspired by a Cotopaxi jacket and a sticker from an Etsy shop. Excited for nicer weather so I can do some hot laps around the yard and whatever else the summer might bring.