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Getting Real

I’m slowly getting to a position to install the piston in the cylinder and reassemble the engine. I’ve ordered gasket sealant for the composite gaskets and still need to pick up some Copper Coat spray for the copper head gasket.

This is definitely uncharted territory for me, but I’ve got a few of books/references that I’ve found very helpful.

“Building Budget Brits” is a book that Antonette gifted me years ago. It details the full restoration process for British motorcycles of the late 1960s and early 1970s. Mainly Triumphs and BSAs. My motorcycle is technically a BSA, but by the 1970s Triumph and BSA were one and the same. In fact, the BSA B50 had a sister bike in the same era released under the Triumph banner as a Triumph T50.

I downloaded a PDF photocopy version of the Workshop Manual from the factory, what would have originally come with the motorcycle. It’s a great reference for measurements, but it’s not a great “how-to” guide for a novice like myself.

I’ve also got a copy of the iconic “Modern Motorcycle Mechanics” by JB Nicholson. I’ve referenced it for past projects and will certainly read its POV on engine assembly before moving forward.

I’ve also engaged with Jeremy at Baxter Cycle in Marne, Iowa. They’d rebuilt the head and set the valves back in 2015. This thing has sat still since then. Baxter’s a great shop. I don’t know if there’s a better source for knowledge on golden age British Motorcycles in the US.